gets by

gets by is a collection of stories about living with a mental illness, as told by the tech community. Find out more. Want to read interviews in your favourite feed reader? Subscribe using RSS.

Sarah Hawk

I’m an ex-programmer now managing an online community of web developers. I live in New Zealand and work remotely from home. I’m 39 and the mother of twins. I tweet too much and don’t blog enough.

Thomas David Dalladay

I’m a games developer and photographer in my late twenties. I’m also co-administer and a writer for Eye of Harmony—a collaborative Science Fiction blog.

Matthew Turland

I’m a web developer living and telecommuting from my home in southern Louisiana. I’ve authored and co-authored a number of books and articles and spoken at several technical conferences. Outside of my vocation, I’m a father of three and an open source hobbyist. I tweet and occasionally blog.

Richard Lampitt

My name’s Richard. I’m British, 29 years old. I run an internet services company, concentrating on building systems and websites for SMEs. I have Asperger’s and a long-term diagnosis of depression. My website is at and my LinkedIn is

Brian Fenton

My name is Brian Fenton, and I’m a software engineer. Fairly standard geeky hobbies… programming, bit of a foodie, craft beer, games, fatherhood. I occasionally blog and I’m frequently on Twitter.

Philip Roberts

I’m a web developer living in Edinburgh, Scotland with my wonderful wife Hilary, and grumpy hedgehog Hogs Boson. I co-founded Float and I’m about to join &yet as a proud yeti. I periodically tweet and write about my experiences with depression (and other things) at


I’m a 23-year-old web developer and sysadmin type living in a mystery location somewhere in the UK.

Mike Taylor

Currently an Operations developer but is also a generalist and has been in the past one or more of the following: networking specialist, computer repair tech, systems designer, database administrator, tall-ship sailor, and professional curmudgeon.


I am a 26 year old who has their BA in English and enjoys film, literature, playing violin and piano, and various science and technology related interests as well.

Ashe Dryden

I’m an independent programmer living in Madison, WI who currently favors the Ruby community. Over the past year I have spent the majority of my time educating people about the lack of diversity in tech, why it’s a problem for everyone, and what we can do about it. I’m currently writing a book for businesses who want to increase diversity as well as traveling the world talking to people about diversity and inclusion. I’ve been lucky that the community has supported me in my efforts and we’re hoping to do even more than we have been doing. I regularly blog and tweet more than is healthy.


I’m a software developer living in Richland, WA. I’m 27 years old. I write, I talk, and I make things.